MediaPub at FNCC
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Pub at FNCC

The FNCC Pub designed by HP Lakhani Associates is an effortless blend of two distinct characteristics – culture and glamour!

Envisioned to entertain members of the very prestigious Film Nagar Cultural Centre Club, the 3600 sq. ft. plush entertainment hub etches out free-flowing spaces sans the hindrance of internal walls, to nurture the key notion of interaction and camaraderie.

Blending in contextual motifs, like the modern version of the quintessential jaali work, which dominates the prevalent architecture of the city; and the shimmering contemporary chandelier, which avers to majestic bearings; with modern materials and finishes, and uber chic lighting features that influence the mood and ambience of the pub, Ar. Harish Lakhani draws upon the duality of the theme, fostering a larger-than-life aura.