FNCC The Pub, 2012

Location Film Nagar Cultural Center, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad
2012 Area: 3600 sq. ft.

Hospitality Interiors

A converted old bar is the new premise of The Pub. Earlier, the bar catered to the Members of the prestigious FNCC club, Hyderabad. The Pub is set on a hillock on a 3.5 acre land area. The underlying premise of The Pub was a place where people interacted and socialized. Our design reflected these ideas to give that unobstructed look with no internal walls that can prove contradictory to free-flowing communications and interactions. A smoking lounge, a curvilinear deck area was woven into the main theme to give expansiveness.

There were budget limitations as it was a community center and to accommodate this, recycling was inevitable. In spite of these limitations, we undertook the challenge to create a functional contemporary design which epitomizes the blending in of newest trends with vibrant colors, optimal space usage and elegantly done open spaces.