Caps Gold ATG kiosk: Retail outlet

Location Coimbatore
2012 Area: 300 sq. ft. / 400 sq. ft.

Kiosk Prototype

Caps Gold ATG Kiosk is a first of its kind Gold Outlet retailing Gold coins in India. The first outlet came up in Coimbatore in 2013 and many more outlets are planned in the future. As part of the interiors concept for the kiosk prototype, the company logo, colors and form were integral to the theme. With this distinct design element, we wanted people to recognize and identify with the brand name. The outlet design had to accommodate a Manager, 2-3 sales personnel, a back office and a customer waiting lounge. As the Kiosk was retailing Gold, adequate security measures were integral to the design and also a maintenance-free finish was achieved. The customer lounge area displays the Company credentials and a live relay of the bullion rates. We have achieved a basic, uniform design of the kiosk, finalizing the overall look and we aim to adapt the same look and feel to all future outlets.