Mr. Manish Kothari & Mrs. Bina Kothari
Vice President, Engineering
Qualcomm, India

Getting a home constructed in India is super exciting and exhausting. But, if you have an architect and designer who understands your needs and is more of a friendly guide, your efforts are well paid off in the end. Thank you, Haresh and team for the umpteen patience you showed and the amazing support you provided in our entire home making journey! Kudos to your excellent designing, quality, professionalism, execution and dedication!

Mr. T John Crowhurst

As Design/Construction Manager for Cancer Treatment Centers Hyderabad (now AOI), I was quite pleased with HP Lakhani. The project was most complex in scope and phasing, with a very ambitious completion schedule and an adequate but limited budget. HP Lakhani provided an excellent design, prompt execution, but most of all valuable advise - honest information even when it was not what I wanted to hear or counter to what I was being told by others.  I had to make several difficult decisions regarding budget concerns and schedule realities, but I did so with confidence.  I had trust in the information and design. The end result was outstanding.

Mr. Madan Kalakuntla & Mrs. Preethi Kalakuntla
President / Chairman
USM Group

Every day is a delight living in the house designed & constructed by Harish Lakhani. None other than him has the genius to construct a large spacious marvel with ample sunlight & air in the limited available space. You are a thorough professional & an amazing human being. We can't wait to witness the farm house wonder that you are about to complete. And he is good friend too.

Mr. Harry (Harihara) Rao
Evoke Technologies, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Dr. Pallavi K. Rao
Specialist: Gastroenterology, Digestive Care Inc, Beavercreek, Ohio

Haresh Lakhani is the most talented architect & designer we have ever worked with. We have worked with Haresh and his team on a 15000 Sq. Ft home at Ohio, USA. Haresh is very attentive to our ideas and has a great gift of truly interpreting them and converting into a reality. We have travelled with Haresh to various stores at Merchandise Mart, Chicago. Everyone there was surprised with amount of knowledge he has about products across the globe and artistic abilities to articulate the concepts. His team is amazing. They can turn around any changes in less than 24 hours. Navita never had an opportunity to visit the site but she knows more about our house then we do even today.

Mr. KSN Murthy
Chairman: Sriven Corporations

Building a home for any person is fulfilling ones dream, Mr. Haresh Lakhani and his team have very successfully materialized what I have aspired for and given me a house which my family will cherish for a lifetime. They have looked into every aspect of our needs and comfort to create a beautiful abode that we are enjoying today. Mr. Haresh Lakhani is a very creative architect and has a vast knowledge of the global design trends, products and materials. We are extremely happy that are house has been designed by him and wish him luck for all his future projects.